Aston Martin for sale Cheap

With the official start of 99,900 U.S. dollars (equivalent to USD 1.14 billion ) , the price of the GT V8 Vantage remains much lower than the regular version . The difference reached 18,500 U.S. dollars (USD 211 million ) . Although considered cheap , still if converted still reach billions .

Ten years is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage circulating on the streets and living life as a supercar . To keep it sexy and fresh in his world , the original manufacturer of the UK ‘s spawned a special edition for the GT model , which offers a much better price ” cheap ” but the performance is still terrible .

Outside price is ” cheap ” , the GT version it offers more power , bearing the V8 engine , 4.700cc derived from Vantage S. The heart is capable of producing power 430 PS with 489 Nm of torque . Compare this with the standard version of ” only ” powered 420 PS and 469 Nm of torque .

With the help of a 6-speed manual transmission or optional 7-speed , power was able to bring the car to go 0-100 kph in 4.6 seconds . Reaches a maximum speed of 304 kph ! Stiffer suspension package that brought on this model , similar to belong Vantage S.

Galak face
From the side of the face , enveloping black exterior shades , with clear taillights . There is access in addition to graphite , as well sills derived from the Vantage S. 19 inch rim with a very aggressive design . Consumers can also add accessories such as coatings grille , special rearview mirror cover , up to a diffuser .

The interior is definitely different , using sporty seat of the V12 Vantage S , alcantara leather . Some polished sections using carbon layers , including around the gear lever . End of the lever is magnesium coated black .

Navigation systems have become standard , coupled with other capabilities such as cruise control , Bluetooth , heated seats up . Model ” entry level ” will start to slide the third quarter of this year .

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